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Buy dressage saddles after reading our dressage saddle reviews. We review the top dressage saddles so that you can make an informed decision before deciding which saddle will be best for you and your horse when performing dressage.  Riding in a saddle designed especially for dressage will make a huge difference to your position and the way you ride your horse.  I guarantee that after riding in a dressage saddle you will never want to perform dressage in any other saddle ever again.

Latest Dressage Saddle Reviews

Albion Dressage Saddles Albion Dressage Saddles

The Albion dressage saddles are designed to allow the rider close contact with the horse. The design of the dressage saddle tree and seat allows the riders leg to hang directly in line with the hip

Black Country Dressage Saddles Black Country Dressage Saddles

Black Country saddles produce a range of saddle that can be fitted to all types of horses

Wintec Dressage Saddles Wintec Dressage Saddles

Wintec Dressage Saddles are made of equisuede or equileather. These synthetic materials are easy to care for and stylish. The saddles have a leather look but are much easier to care for than leather. Designed with a deep, cushioned seat these saddles provide for a comfortable ride

Passier Dressage Saddles Passier Dressage Saddles

G Passier and Sohn have been making saddles for the past 140 years, since 1867. All of their tack is handmade using the highest quality materials. The Passier saddles are built around one of two different types of tree

Treeless Dressage Saddle Treeless Dressage Saddle

Treeless Dressage Saddles have been around for a few years now and are becoming increasingly popular. They are said to fit any horse, particularly if he has a very wide back

Dressage Saddle Guides

Fitting A Dressage Saddle It is essential to fit a dressage saddle correctly so that the horse and rider can be as comfortable as possible. An ill fitting saddle is of no benefit to either the horse or rider and can create all manner of back problems for both.
Dressage Saddle v General Purpose Saddle The dressage saddle differs from your normal general purpose or jumping saddle in that the saddle flaps are cut straight to allow the leg to hand down straighter under the riders hips
EASY CHANGE Gullet System Both the Wintec and Bates range of dressage saddles offers The EASY CHANGE Gullet System.
CAIR Panel System The CAIR Panel System is an air filled panel. It was developed in 2000 by Wintec/Bates of Australia as an alternative to the traditional flocking in saddles
Dressage Saddles

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