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Dressage Saddle Reviews

Dressage Saddle Reviews

Bringing dressage saddle reviews all under one roof from Bates to Wintec, Stubben to Albion. Whether you've always wanted a dressage saddle but thought dressage saddles were too expensive, read dressage saddle reviews and discover new and used dressage saddles at prices you can afford. Brilliant for training, flat work and even long distance riding, once you've sat in a dressage saddle you'll wonder how you ever did a dressage test without one.

Albion Dressage Saddles Albion Dressage Saddles

The Albion dressage saddles are designed to allow the rider close contact with the horse. The design of the dressage saddle tree and seat allows the riders leg to hang directly in line with the hip

Barnsby Dressage Saddles Barnsby Dressage Saddles

All Barnsby saddles are handmade in Walsall, England. Barnsby have been making top quality saddles and bridles for over 200 years

Bates Dressage Saddles Bates Dressage Saddles

The Bates range of dressage saddles feature an Elastiflex tree - guaranteed for the life of the saddle (deemed to be 10 years), CAIR air panels (guaranteed for 5 years) and the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System

Black Country Dressage Saddles Black Country Dressage Saddles

Black Country saddles produce a range of saddle that can be fitted to all types of horses

Cardanel Dressage Saddles Cardanel Dressage Saddles

Cardinal Saddles are based in Walsall, England and are members of the Society of Master Saddlers and Guild of Master Craftsmen. Cardanel have been making saddles for many years and can make any saddle to your individual requirements.

Collegiate Dressage Saddles Collegiate Dressage Saddles

The finest full grain leather is handpicked for each Collegiate Dressage Saddle. To give the best depth of color, and a high quality finish, the saddle is hand stained with a brush.

Crosby Dressage Saddles Crosby Dressage SaddlesIn England, Crosby Dressage Saddles are all handcrafted independently and therefore considered a piece of artwork by all of its users. When it comes to buying a Crosby Saddle rider knows that only the finest European leathers are used in their creation
Passier Dressage Saddles Passier Dressage Saddles

G Passier and Sohn have been making saddles for the past 140 years, since 1867. All of their tack is handmade using the highest quality materials. The Passier saddles are built around one of two different types of tree

Wintec Dressage Saddles Wintec Dressage Saddles

Wintec Dressage Saddles are made of equisuede or equileather. These synthetic materials are easy to care for and stylish. The saddles have a leather look but are much easier to care for than leather. Designed with a deep, cushioned seat these saddles provide for a comfortable ride

Treeless Dressage Saddle Treeless Dressage Saddle

Treeless Dressage Saddles have been around for a few years now and are becoming increasingly popular. They are said to fit any horse, particularly if he has a very wide back

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